Guidelines for Fire test customers

Corona virus: Important information to costumers and guests of DBI fire testing
Updated 7th January 2021 


Before visiting DBI
Guests or customers feeling ill or showing any symptoms of viral infections, a common cold and coughs should not visit a DBI location. If you are coming from, or have traveled to risk-areas, or if you have relatives that are infected etc. please do not visit a DBI location. If you are waiting for a corona test or have been tested, you should only show up when you have a negative answer to this test. We reserve the right to refuse visitors that are exhibiting symptoms of illness. If you have any questions to this, please reach out to your contact person at DBI.

Corona test prior to arrival
Prior to arrival in Denmark and at DBI, guests from EU and the Nordic countries or abroad,  who are not covered by the special rules in the border regions in the following countries (Sweden, Germany and Norway):

  • Must have a letter of intent from DBI in relation to the test at DBI.
  • Must take a negative corona test no later than 72 hours before arrival in Denmark.
  • Bring documentation from the laboratory that the test is negative with a clear time stample and date of the test.

When arriving at DBI
To limit the risk of contagion for both parties, we have opted to separate our guests and employees as much as possible. This includes access, stay, catering and toilet facilities. Therefore, it is important that you follow the instructions in this information.

When arriving at DBI, you should enter DBI reception who will call your contact person at DBI to come and pick you up. When entering the building, we kindly ask you to use our hand sanitizing stations. We do not shake hands when greeting each other.

Protective masks
Use of protective masks at DBI, While you are a guest at DBI, there is a requirement to use protective masks in the common areas around the reception, the canteen, the corridors around the canteen and the atrium.

Hand sanitizer and a mouthpiece are located at the entrance to the reception.

During your visit at DBI Fire Test facilities
Visitors at DBI Fire Test facilities will be restricted to the testing facilities and the canteen. There will not be access to any other part of DBI. You will have designated contact persons and will not be in contact with other employees at the fire test department. DBI employees from other departments will not have access to the fire testing facilities.

Lunch will be served in the canteen, which will be reserved for our guests and their contact persons. There will be a designated area for our fire test guests and their contact persons. The access route to the canteen will be shown by your DBI contact . Please follow the direction on the signs. The rest of DBI´s employees will be eating in their departments and will not be using the canteen.

Please remember to keep a distance from each other, avoid physical contact, as well as washing and sanitizing your hands regularly and use face mask when needed.

General DBI contagion measures
We have taken the following general measures:

  1. DBI is fully up to date and complies with the Danish authorities’ recommendations.
  2. Contagion mitigating procedures are implemented throughout all DBI locations.
    • Hand sanitizing units throughout the location.
    • DBI employees work from home if and when possible.
    • Segregation of employee groups, so they mostly keep to their own departments.
    • Minimizing contact between employees and guests throughout the location.
    • Restricting access of employees and guests throughout the location.
    • Use of protective masks in common areas, reception, hallways and canteen.
    • Separation of employee groups and guests regarding catering and toilet facilities.
    • Ongoing orientation to guests regarding conduct and actions prior to DBI visits.
    • Ongoing orientation to employees of behavior regarding guests and colleagues.
  3. DBI travel activity have to be approved by immediate superior and we only be receiving foreign guests who have a valid purpose for visiting Denmark and from non risk countryes, see official map here, (countries marked with blue and yellow collor, are non risk). 
  4. Link to the national coronasmitte restrictions: Link to the national restrictions and oversight
  5. We encourage our employees to follow the authorities’ recommendation to stay in Denmark. However, if employees choose to travel abroad for personal reasons, there are established procedures for how employees can return to work.
  6. Our contingency group continuously monitors the development, and DBI will introduce further restrictions if it is necessary.
  7. We have established a digital contingency plan, to ensure that employees and guests on location are kept constantly updated on the situation.

Expected duration of initiatives and updates
We follow the authorities’ recommendations and adjust our actions on an ongoing basis depending on developments. All measures can be seen at The website has a direct feed from our digital contingency plan and is continuously updated.

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